"Double Q"



"On the Line"

"On Deck"

"In the Hole"

PO Box 1611
Idaho Falls, ID
(208) 221-5142 or
(208) 521-8872
RN                Rally Novice
RA                Rally Advanced
RE                Rally Excellent
OA                Open Agility
OJ                 Open Jumpers
UD                Utility Dog
CD                 Companion Dog
CDX              Companion Dog Excellent
AX                 Agility Excellent
MX                Master Agility
MXJ              Master Jumper With Weaves
MACH          Master Agility Champion

If you want them all, here is a link.
Things You May Hear Around The Arena

This means that they (the dog & handler) has made a qualifying run.

This means that the team has a qualifying run in both Jumpers and Standard courses on the same day.

This means that they (the dog & handler) didn't make a qualifying run.

Besides containing the entry form for your dog. It will include other important information.
Such as nearby Vets, motels, directions to the show, and whom to contact if you have questions.

This means that you are in the ring and ready to go

This is the area just outside the entry to the ring. This where the next team await their turn.

This means that the team is two steps away from their trial run.

An AKC agility title a dog earns by achieving a minimum of 750 Championship points and 20
double qualifying scores obtained from the Excellent B Standard Agility class and the
Excellent B Jumpers With Weaves class. The MACH title is often placed before the dog's full name.

Upper Snake River Valley Dog Training Club
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